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Bicycle deals this spring with AW Cycles

February 24, 2019

Get on your bicycle and discover more in your neighbourhood. This spring with AW Cycles, the perfect place to start your journey. This shop is family-run, with deep ties in the cycling community since 1994. Based in Reading, it has developed into one of the most respected independent cycle shops in the country.

AW Cycles large showroom on two floors stocks an extensive selection of bikes for all ages and riding styles.

AW Cycles’ founding success is its passion for both cycling and customer service. Experienced, friendly staff are here to offer expert, impartial advice based on your needs, desires and budget.

Bicycle fans a group of cyclists outside the AW Cycle shop

A guide to buying bicycles

From the occasional joy cyclist to the pro-level athlete, AW Cycles stocks something for everyone. There are so many types of bikes that can be difficult to know where to start. Here is a quick guide that will give you some knowledge about the bicycle for you.

Children’s bicycles: Riding a bike and the enjoyment it can bring is a vital stepping stone in any child’s development. On the practical side, cycling develops the crucial skills of coordination, balance and judgement of speed and danger.

Alongside the physical benefits, having a bike gives a child a sense of independence. Cycling also opens up the opportunity for family-based activities. Cycling trips are a fun way to spend quality time together, pottering around the lanes.

Hybrid and commuter bikes: One of the most significant aspects of riding a bike is that there are so many options available; what type of bike you need, the riding that you want to do, where you want to ride, race or not, on the road or off. Many people will look at all these different options to choose a bicycle that will open everything up and allow them to ride on and off the road, commute to work or potter down to the shops. To cater to these types of cyclists, manufacturers design and produce a range of cycles called hybrids. They combine features of mountain and road models to provide a multi-purpose bicycle. Like a mountain bike, they have a wide gear ratio and upright straight handlebars, but they also share the narrower tyres more suitable for riding on the road.

Cycle to work in style

Folding electric bikes: Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular so it only makes sense that a folding version would as well. Electric bikes are great for that extra assistance when pedalling. You will hardly break a sweat with speeds up to 15 mph these bikes. There is no need for a driving license or vehicle registration. You don’t even pay vehicle tax because they are bicycles. Moreover, with a folding version, transportation is easier on the train and storing in an office under your desk.

Bicycles for sale inside AW Cycles

Bicycles fit for you

Road bikes: These are also known as racing bikes or drop-handlebar bikes and they vary significantly in specification and price, from entry level touring bikes to high-performance racing bikes. The road bike industry has such a rich and deep heritage that specific bikes are designed and marketed for almost every possible use.

As with all cycling disciplines, the most critical factor in your bike purchase is the size – your new bike must fit your unique dimensions. Ideally, this means you need to be professionally measured and to interact with the bikes you are considering buying physically. So that you don’t experience discomfort when cycling for long periods and the aerodynamics are correct lessening drag effect.

Mountain bike: Buying a mountain bike (also known as cross country, off the road, all-terrain or trail bike) is exciting but sometimes confusing. From an entry-level off-road bicycle to a high-performance downhill model with full suspension, there is a wide choice of frames, components and sizes. AW Cycle experts will steer you through the maze and offer sound advice direct from experienced riders and mechanics.

With a mountain bike, the suspension is essential to cushion the impact of rocks, tree roots and other commonly encountered obstacles. The shock absorbing quality ensures that the wheels maintain contact with the ground as much as possible. These benefits make this riding a more pleasurable experience.

Driver Club members can benefit from AW Cycles’ exclusive online offers from now until Sunday 31 March.

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