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Get creative with 20% off Copic Markers

October 24, 2019

Copic markers are the first choice of pen for Japanese comic artists (Manga and Anime). They are also widely used by fashion designers, architects, product designers, graphic designers, industrial designers, calligraphers, quilters, scrapbookers, and for journaling and mixed media arts too. Once you try Copic marker pens for yourself, it’s easy to see why.

Copic pens in an art shop

Copic marker is an inspirational investment

Purchasing a Copic marker is not cheap, but once you own one, it’s your’s for life, making it an exceptional purchase with less impact on landfill.

Each pen comes with a medium broad chisel nib and a fine nib when you first purchase it. But with nine different nib options, from sizes 0.03 up to 0.7 and a Brush Nib, it’s a flexible drawing tool.

You can refill the pen nine times from one ink bottle. What’s more, the ink itself is ultra-blendable, low odour and alcohol-based. What’s more, Copic markers will not dry out when not in use. They have a three-year shelf life guarantee, so it will not waste away in storage.

To explain the science, alcohol-based markers rely on the general principle of solubility (like dissolves like) in which the alcohol acts as a carrier for the dye ink and evaporates after application. When you apply another layer of colour, the alcohol solution lifts some of the ink, allowing it to be blended and smooths the gradient between colours.

The Copic’s alcohol-based ink dries acid-free and does not lift or fluff paper fibres the way water-based inks do. Copic ink applies smoothly and is easy to blend and layer. So although the pens come in a wide range of colours, you can create eye-catching, colourful artwork and professional effects with just a handful of pens.

Stimulate creativity with every colour by Copic Markers

Forest Green, Light Blue, Ultramarine, Prussian Blue, Burnt Sienna, Black, Violet, Pink, Vermillion, Chrome Orange, Lemon Yellow and Yellow Green. These are just some of the pen names for shades.

Don’t worry; you won’t need to remember these poetic names if you have discovered your favourite colour. The Copic Color system is a helpful tool to let you evaluate which shades will blend best or for creating the perfect palette for your work. Every Copic marker has a unique code: four distinct elements starting with the Colour Family, followed by the saturation number, and then the brightness number.

Demonstrating the Copic color system

The letters at the beginning of the code indicate the Colour Family ( R = Red, YR = Yellow-Red, Y = Yellow, YG = Yellow-Green, etc.). The saturation level indicates the purity of the shade. A low number indicates a higher degree of saturation, meaning more vivid or intense colour. A high number indicates a less saturated hue; colours will appear dull or washed-out in comparison to the markers with low saturation numbers. The brightness number means the lightness or darkness of the pigment; the lower the number, the lighter the ink will be.

Cass Art is offering up to 20% on a variety of Copic Marker sets – there are more than 358 colours, including various shades of skin tone – guaranteeing you write things right! From now until Sunday 24 November.

Why not join and grab this deal – and many others?


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