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Road drainage an issue for UK motorists

March 13, 2015driversclub

Poor road drainage has been highlighted as a serious and ongoing issue for motorists in many areas of the country, with a lack of local authority action serving to make matters worse for drivers.

According to a new poll from motoring organisation the AA, half of the just over 18,000 UK vehicle operators that took part stated they had driven on roads in their area that were in a significant state of disrepair in January, with large holes that fill up with water when the weather is poor.

In addition, 68 per cent of respondents stated their belief that the state of roads in their area has deteriorated over the last 12 months.

Two-thirds (66 per cent) of respondents highlighted fears that councils are no longer clearing roadside drains as effectively as they used to, while the proportion of motorists with a sympathy for local authority budget cuts that have resulted in this deterioration fell from 68 per cent in 2014 to 53 per cent this year.

AA president Edmund King stated: "Arguably, roads pockmarked by puddles and pools of water pose more of a hazard to more drivers than flooding – floods are no-go areas, while deep patches of surface water are passable but perilous for drivers, bikers and cyclists. They also hide the potholes road users might otherwise avoid."

He added that while efforts to tackle potholes are now being ramped up both by councils and in Westminster, the lack of action on issues surrounding roads drainage could actually be a far more serious problem that remains in need of attention.


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