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Whiskies from the houses of Westeros

May 21, 2019
Game of Thrones whiskies

The power struggles in Game of Thrones are reaching a crescendo. Sadly, the hit HBO show is nearing its end. The final series eight has so far shown us more sword-fighting, heart-throbbing, plot-twisting, bloodbath-splattering and flying-lizard screeching than usual… but, did you think ‘that would happen’ last night? A stiff drink is the best option for the plot turn.

Therefore, The Bottle Club has discovered an answer to this need. They are sharing a pre-order offer of premium malt whiskies with Drivers Club members. But first, you have to choose which house in Westeros to pledge an allegiance. (No bending of the knee is necessary.)

HBO & Diageo have teamed up to create a beautifully presented collection of Limited Edition Whiskies based on Game of Thrones. Each bottle embodies the spirit of the houses. They come in a collectors box imbued with the motto and a wonderful illustrative crest of the houses of Westeros!

House Targaryen

Cardhu Gold Reserve (£58) represents the House Targaryen motto – “Fire & Blood”. Its golden amber appearance reinforces on the nose, delivering soft honeyed aromas with a gentle wisp of toasted oak. This spicy warming whisky brings out the fiery spirit of the Targaryen household and will go down a treat in the cold winter nights to come.

House Lannister

Lagavulin 9-year-old Malt Whisky (£75) represents the House Lannister motto – “Hear me roar”. Exclusively matured in 100% fresh ‘first fill’ ex-Bourbon casks lends a gorgeous light golden colour to this Whisky. In addition, the nose is characteristically Lagavulin with the sweet smoke exploding on the nose providing a little zestier, maritime brine than the expressions. Moreover, representing the gold-rich Lannister home of Casterly Rock this whisky is bound to impress.

House Greyjoy

Talisker Select Reserve Malt Whisky (£58) represents the House Greyjoy motto – “We do not sow”. The Golden copper colour of the liquid of this Talisker is provided by the use of heavily charred, ex Bourbon, American Oak casks. The nose is quintessentially Talisker with the signature notes of dry peppery smoke and dark chocolate. Set on the Isle of Skye, much like the Iron Islands the Greyjoy whisky represents their pirating character.

House Tully

Singleton Glendullan Reserve Malt Whisky (£48) represents the House Tully motto – “Family, duty, honour”. The light straw shimmer of this liquid hints at the cask lineage of this Single Malt that is 100% ex-Bourbon casks; heavy Madagascar vanilla scents on opening confirms the nose followed by a suggestion of sweet, clove spice that develops over time.

House Tyrell

Clynelish Reserve Malt Whisky (£48) represents the House Tyrell motto – “Growing Strong”. Light gold on appearance and bursting with fresh tropical fruits like papaya and mango, this Single Malt slowly subsides into a rich, creamy vanilla character. Maintaining all of the sweet flavours you would expect from the bountiful orchards of Highgarden.

House Baratheon

Royal Lochnagar 12-year-old Malt Whisky (£58) represents the House Baratheon motto – “Ours is the fury”. The pale amber colour of this Single Malt is light and delicate just like the aromas of this 12-year-old Royal Lochnagar which delivers soft notes of oak before moving into hints of bananas foster with caramelised turbinado sugar. In addition, the flavour and location of this whisky suits perfectly with the castles of Kings Landing and the bold nature of the Baratheon household.

House Stark

Dalwhinnie Winters Frost Malt Whisky (£58) represents the House Stark motto – “Winter is coming”. Light gold and bright on appearance, this Highland Single Malt is slowly matured in 100% ex-Bourbon casks. Produced at the highest altitude working distillery in Scotland, the cold climate helps to create a unique floral, heather honey character that’s become synonymous with Dalwhinnie. Based on the North of Winterfell the frosty climate of this Scotland distillery adds a crisp and smooth finish.

Night’s Watch

Oban Bay Reserve Malt whisky (£75) represents the Night’s Watch motto – “I am the sword in the darkness”. Golden amber and slightly viscous as it forms and slowly tears down the side of the glass; this alludes to the mouth coating richness of the liquid. Based as far North as the wall this whisky will keep you going on even the coldest Night’s Watch.

Johnnie Walker White Walker Whisky

Put White Walker in the freezer and the Thermochromatic ink on the bottle displays an eerie message from the most terrifying characters.

Who are The Bottle Club?

This club is the place for adventurous drinkers looking to discover new favourites, flavours and ideas – whatever the tipple.

Moreover, they’re obsessed with drinks of all shapes and sizes, ultimately seeking out the ones that are actually worth drinking.

Made up of a team of industry experts and curious drinkers, they’re on a mission to revive the classics, discover new artisan producers and generally satisfy their fascination with drinks – because you never know what you could be missing!

So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the whisky connoisseur, a cheeky glass of bubbly over dinner or a classic G&T to impress at your next party, then The Bottle Club have the bottle for you.

Driver Club members can pre-order now for delivery from 27 May 2019.

Why not join and grab this deal – and many others?


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