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Wi-Fi guarantee with BT Complete Wi-Fi

February 10, 2019

Wi-Fi strength is what we want and need. We live in a world of ever-increasing connectivity. We demand mobility and ease of our technology. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, on our wrist or in our pockets or when we’re driving on the road. We find information at the touch of a button, or by asking Alexa, Siri, or Google. It integrates. We are comfortable living a publicly connected life. We join with others online: we share our thoughts on blogs, post reviews on Trip Advisor, have our professional history on LinkedIn, share foodie snaps on Instagram, show-off our skills on YouTube, record our steps on an app, share data on Facebook and debate on Twitter.

Wi-Fi at home. Smiling child on a smart tablet

How do you use Wi-Fi in your life?

High-speed internet access is necessary for much of our day-to-day lives. Superfast broadband is needed to support an increasing number of devices in the home and the office.

Widespread deployment of superfast broadband services also allows businesses to provide flexible working for employees so that they can work from home and access company systems remotely, saving costs and reducing carbon footprints.

Superfast broadband provides efficiency improvements and cost savings, through improved online sales and marketing, improved online ordering and invoicing, enhanced video conferencing and VoIP services, and improved access to cloud-based services.

Homeworking potentially allows many people to achieve a better work-life balance, particularly parents with young children.

BT Complete Wi-Fi broadband package

BT is the name of one of the most comprehensive broadband packages yet seen in the UK. A new package, Complete Wi-Fi, is powered by ultra-fast download speeds of up to 76Mb. It is also the only broadband service provider that can guarantee wi-fi in every room, and all brought together through the revolutionary BT Home Hub.

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New Complete Wi-Fi uses Wi-Fi Discs in every room in your home to extend and keep strong your hub’s signal. Wi-Fi Discs help to reduce buffering and dropped connections, so getting online from every corner of your home has never been easier.


Unlike wi-fi extenders you can buy on the high street, Complete Wi-Fi technology creates a single, smart network from the living room to the spare bedroom. Your devices will automatically connect to the hub or disc with the strongest signal, guaranteeing a perfect wi-fi connection. How smart is that?

Switching to BT

It is easier than you think, and the Smart Hub itself fits through most, so you don’t have to worry about being at home when it gets delivered.

Switching from your current supplier is easy too. Just pick the service you want to move to find out how. Moreover, in most cases, you’ll only be without broadband for about 30 minutes on the day of the switch.

BT Wi-Fi mobile app

If you join BT TV, you can start watching on your mobile via the app as soon as you’ve ordered. The app helps you to manage your wi-fi network to make sure you’re getting the most reliable signal around your home. It’ll even work out where to put your Wi-Fi Disc and check the strength of your wi-fi signal in every room.

BT is the only broadband provider to offer a Complete Wi-Fi guarantee.

Why not join and find out more?



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